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Securing You And Your Home!

Things To Do After A Break-In

by Larry - Knightwatch Alarms on 02/15/17

Have you or anyone you know been victimized by home burglary?  In many cases, a family member is in the house during the break-in. The impact of the incident to the victim’s’ financial and psychological well-being cannot be understated. Unfortunately, thieves tend to return to a house they’ve entered before as they know there are other valuables left. Some burglars know when stolen items may have been replaced by insurers, giving them a reason to break into the same house. Know what to do after someone breaks into your house.

Safety First:

Don’t enter your home during or immediately after a break-in. Call the police at once. Wait for them outside your property or in a neighbor’s house. Your home shall be the subject of investigations so don’t do anything (like touching items) that will disrupt the collection of evidence.

Secure all Entryways

One of the things to do after a break-in is to boost your home security because some burglars do come back. According to home security experts, 34% of burglars enter through the front door while 23% use first-floor windows. Take no chances this time. Secure all entryways around the perimeter. You should also utilize a second layer of defense such as motion detectors so that if they manage to get through the first layer, the motion detectors will pick up their movement inside the home.

Consider double-key bolt locks

A double-key deadbolt requires a key both upon entry and exit. Although a thief may break in, it’ll be hard to get out without a key (unless they break down the door or jump from the window). These kinds of door locks are effective home security devices but may be an obstruction during emergencies such as fires .Make sure you know where you keep your keys. These may not be safe for every situation.

Keep your valuables out of public eye
You wouldn’t want a burglar to know that you’ve just bought a new entertainment system or where you keep your jewelry. Avoid burglary by using privacy curtains in all rooms. It may also consider strategic landscaping to discourage thieves from breaking into your home. Trim bushes to the minimum and place loose gravel to alert you when someone is on your property. In your porch, mount security lights that can automatically turn on and off via motion sensors. Knightwatch Alarms supplies burglar deterrent devices like a FAKE TV that simulates the colours and movement of a TV being on in your house when away or even asleep.

Explore sliding door safety measures
You may find difficulty securing your sliding door as it only has a small latch lock on one side. Burglars don’t typically smash glass doors to avoid alerting people so you need to focus on securing the lock. Install a slide-locking bar that keeps the door shut even if burglars were able to damage the latch. Don’t forget to have an alarm monitoring system in entryways including your patio sliding doors.

Install a high-quality surveillance camera
Inquire about surveillance cameras and other security devices. With new innovations, you may now monitor your home 24/7 via the internet. Check your bedroom, porch and garage through your smartphone while you’re away.

Next time you’re on vacation, don’t let burglars know it!

Burglars can simply log into social media to know their next targets. Protecting your home requires vigilance and lot of common sense. Don’t advertise your out-of-town trips and prolonged absence from your residence. This also goes  for your Facebook, Twitters and Instagram accounts and even your answering machine. You can post your overseas vacation photos when you get back. As additional protection, you can purchase battery-powered lamps that automatically turn on when it gets dark outside. Explore home security systems that you can monitor and control remotely.

Observe proper cash control

Authorities advises proper cash control to prevent residential burglary. Keep only the amount of cash you’d need for your normal daily expenses. You may purchase cash vaults for money, bonds, jewelry and other valuables. Otherwise, deposit these at the bank. Contact us about built-in safes for home and business.

Despite the need for a security system, many households still fail to install even a basic alarm device. Home security systems DO  help decrease the rate of residential burglaries. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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