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Quick Reference Guide
To Set Time And Date:

Press *6 and Enter the 4-Digit Master Code
If long beep is heard, it means an error.
 Press # and Master Code again.

After 4 short beeps, Press 1 and then enter 10 digits
  • Two each for hour, minute, month, day, year
  • (Use two digits for month, day and year)
To Enable Door Chime:

Press and hold bell icon or "chime" for two seconds
3 beeps = ON
1 beep =  OFF
To Arm System:

Close all windows and doors (the green Ready light will turn ON)
• Press and hold (Away) for 2 seconds (the keypad will beep rapidly
5 times and the red Armed light will turn ON)
• Exit premises before the delay time expires
To Disarm When You Return:

• When you enter through the door, the keypad will emit a steady warning tone
• Enter your 4-digit Master Code or User Code (the armed light will turn OFF)
• If you make an error, press and enter the 4-digit code again 
To Arm System With Door Or Window Open:

• Press *1 while disarmed
• The Bypass light will flash
• Enter the 2-digit zone number to be bypassed
• To exit the Bypass function press #
To Arm at Home And Still Movely Freely :

• Press and hold Stay icon (Stay) for 2 seconds
When Trouble Light Comes On:

• Press *2
• Some keypads will describe the Trouble (full-message keypads); others will
only identify the Trouble number.
• If Trouble number 8 is lit, the time and date needs to be reset. If 1, back-up battery needs replacing.
• For all other trouble conditions, please refer to your owners manual or contact us.

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To Add A New Access Code On Your Keypad.

Press *5 and then enter the 4-Digit Master Code
If a long beep is heard, it means an error.
Press # and then  *5 and Master Code again.

The program indicator will flash.

  • Enter the 2-Digit User number 
For example: Home Owner 1 will be User 01
Home Owner 2 will be user 02. etc.
  • Enter the 4 digit access code 
  • To enter a new user code enter another 2 digit user 
  • Then enter the access code for that user
  • When finished entering new users, press the # button.
For multiple users entered into the system, please remember which user code belongs to each name.​
To Remove A User On Your Keypad.

Press *5 and then enter the 4-Digit Master Code
If a long beep is heard, it means an error.
Press # and then  *5 and Master Code again.

Select <> or (* on some keypads) to find the user code:
Once you have located the user number

  • Enter * to erase it
  • Press # to exit