Door Access Systems
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Door access systems including card access, telephone entry and remote entry security enables you to control employee’s access, secures your doors, restrict unauthorized personal and manage your premise. The installation and integration of door access control security is ideal for apartment buildings, condos, offices and businesses. With the stroke of a computer key, an electronic access system is a user-friendly method to keep intruders out and employees and items safe within.
Commercial Door Locks
We install various styles and types of heavy duty commercial door locks from heavy duty key entry locks, push door strikes and keyless entry locks. 

Commercial Lighting 
Knightwatch understands the critical role of security lighting to help protect facilities, people and assets. Reliable illumination will increase security and safety throughout the year and in all weather conditions.  From parking lots to building perimeters, commercial outdoor lighting provides added visibility 
and security for a variety of applications. 

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Commercial Intercom / Telephone Systems

Commercial Telephone & Intercom Entry Systems are ideal for apartment buildings, condominiums, and office buildings. These entry system communicate between entry doors, rooms or offices. Evolving intercom technologies can now provide both voice and visual communication thereby granting access electronically, and to safely deter unwanted visitors. 

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Camera Surveillance

CCTV systems provide a greater level of security with real-time video streaming and storage capability. High resolution security cameras are strategically placed to monitor vulnerable areas of your business to maximize internal surveillance of your staff and operations, and outdoor entrances and parking lots. DVR video and image storage ensures that events are captured and securely stored and can be accessed remotely any web-based device.

Knightwatch offers a range of safes to suit the requirements of small to
large sized businesses. Safes are a secure way to protect valuables from fire, flood and burglary.  A discreetly placed safe is another option to keep important documents, money and other items secure and concealed.

Commercial Safes

         Camera Systems 

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  • Hi-Definition Cameras
  • 24/7 Remote Viewing
  • Smart Device Viewing
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          Security Solutions

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  • Camera Surveillance
  • Security Lighting & Timers
  • ​Window Film Protection
  • Door Guard Lock
  • Alarmed/Wired Window 
  • Screens
  • Safes
  • Smart Door Bells

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  • Door Access Systems
  • Camera Surveillance
  • ​Door Locks
  • Intercom/Door Systems
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Commercial Safes

           Alarm Systems

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  •  Intrusion
  •  Fire
  •  Carbom Monoxide
  •  Flood
  •  Temperature Control
  •  Medical
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  • Intrusion
  • ​Fire 
  • ​Critical Condition Devices
  • Commercial Temperature
  • Personal Medical Response
  • Elevator Monitoring

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