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Security lighting and light timers offers an added layer of protection to your property by deterring the potential risk of unwanted intruders. By ensuring that your premise never looks vacant or deserted, strategically placed outdoor lights as well as timed lighting (both indoor and outdoor) can dissuade an intruder before they even step onto your property.

Hidden Wall Safes are one of the most secure ways to protect your valuables from fire, flood and burglary. A discreetly placed wall safe, camouflaged and hidden, is another option to keep important documents, money and precious items safe and concealed.
Window Film Protection

Window Film, also referred to as anti-shatter film, is a thin layer, clear barrier film that is retrofitted to the inside of windows to reinforce the glass. As an imperceptible guard, window/security films will hold the glass firmly within the window upon impact should an attempted break-in occur. As an added layer of protection, window film protects people and properties against burglary and vandalism.

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Most entry doors have “Hollowed out door frames” to accommodate locking hardware thus leaving door frames weak and vulnerable. The Door Guard lock reinforces exterior entry doors by "clamping" the door in its closed position making it virtually impossible to pry open when intense force is applied. 

Wiring your existing window screens is another layer of security protection. Mesh screens interwoven with detection wires will set off your integrated Knightwatch Alarm system if an intruder tampers with them. Home security window screens are a more attractive alternative to window bars, providing ventilation and light, while restricting access from unwanted intruders. 

Smart door bell homeowners can secure and control their entire entryway. Homeowners can now see and speak with whoever is at the door via a mobile app, then quickly lock or unlock their door lock, all from their smart phones.

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Cameras/Video Surveillance

Surveillance systems provide a greater level of security with real-time video streaming and storage capability. View from any smart phone or web-based device, our High resolution, night vision cameras are strategically placed to monitor vulnerable areas such as entrances, patios, pools, driveways and yards. DVR video storage ensures that events are captured and securely stored. 
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